Christ Church, Warwick

The Church of Scotland in Bermuda - Founded in 1719 




The Kirk Session is comprised of fifteen church Elders. It administers the affairs of the congregation in conjunction with the Minister, who acts as moderator of the Kirk Session.  Elders on the Kirk Session each serve a three year term and are eligible to be considered to serve one additional three year term before standing down for at least one year.  The current Kirk Session members shown in the list below.  The Class year is the year they are scheduled to retire from the Kirk Session:-

 2019 2020   2021

 Mike Barany

 Ashlea Boyd  Cindy Campbell
 Vivlyn Cooper  Martha Kirkland  Jill Davidson
Duncan Dawson  Bob Richards  Doug Frith
Stephen Kempe  David Thompson  Fiona Kelly
 Pauline Richards  Arthur Wightman  Bruce Sinclair

 Photo of Kirk Session Members - February, 2019:-

 Kirk Session 2018-9


The Kirk Session has nine regular meetings a year and is functionally broken up into several Ministries, each focusing on a particular area of church life.

These include:

• Congregational Life
Congregational Board


Elders of Christ Church

Senior Elder: Marischal Astwood

Session Clerk: Douglas A. Frith

List of Elders and Year Joined 

Marischal Astwood 1971 Stephen W. Kempe 1980
Michael E. Barany 1992 Martha Kirkland 1985
D. John Barnett 2003 Patricia Lang 1989
Ashlea Boyd 2018 Danny Mannus 1974
Jonathan P. B. Brewin 1998 Betsey Mowbray 2003
James Burnett-Herkes 1984 Anne Nisbet 1997
Cindy L. F. Campbell 2006 Roger Oldfield 2006
Vivlyn E. Cooper 1989 Marjorie A. Oliver 2006
Jill Davidson 2018 Elizabeth A. Parker 2001
Duncan W. Dawson 1992 Eugene C.F. Rayner 1998
Arthur De Silva 2008 E. T. 'Bob' Richards 2001
E. Maureen Eddy 1998 Pauline Richards 1998
Myrtle Edness 1978 Ron Ross 1985
Mary Ellen Ewles 2006 Bruce Sinclair 2018
Roderick A. Ferguson 1986 John Skinner 1983
Douglas A. Frith 1992 Gregory I. Smith 1994
C. Grant Hall 1974 Mavis E. Smith 2003
Elizabeth Hector 2003 Edward M. N. Stovell 2001
Ian D. Hunter 2006 David M. Thompson 2006
Gordon R. Johnson 2001 Katherine K. Watson 2003
Fiona Kelly 2018 Arthur Wightman 2018
Guy Kelly 1994 Chet Williams 2006


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